Well, it seems to me that the main argument by conservative people is that:

"pornographers will be given even more opportunities to flood our homes, libraries and society with pornography through the .xxx domain."

Do these people need a wake up call? The net is already pretty saturated with pornography and I doubt it will become any more so by having the .xxx domain. If anything, at least there will be an attempt made to put all the filth in one place (although I doubt that will ever be achieved).

Prostitution isn't called the oldest profession in the world for nothing. Does anyone honestly think that this 'problem' of pornography will ever disappear? There will always be demand for it, best have it all in one place than have it spread all over the place.

Some links on the topic:
The battle over triple 'x' Mar 22 2004
Bush administration objects to .xxx domains Aug 15 2005
Internet Board Again Delays Ruling on XXX Pornography Domain Sep 16 2005

On a side, is this the most off topic, irrelevant thing on the topic said to date:
"The Department of Commerce has received nearly 6,000 letters and e-mails from individuals expressing concern about the impact of pornography on families and children,"

Expressing concern about the impact of pornography on families and children... I just have to reread that quote more than once.
1) He is stating the obvious, its not exactly a secret that people express concern on the matter. Doesnt have anything to do with .xxx.
2) 6000 letters from a population of 295,734,134, thats a whopping 0.00202885%! They are really listening hard to hear what they have to say, and act upon it.

Wirehead says:

Yeah... I can't imagine that this would be anything other than a plus. The only downside is that there's no way to compel existing adult sites to use the .xxx domain.

I mean... wouldn't it be easy to set your browser to filter any ".xxx" domains? How is this a negative?

DataBind() says:

One piece of evidence further in our goal of proving that the majority of "god-fearing" conservatives are smoking crack.

Wirehead says:


Yes, that's exactly what it is.

DataBind() says:

Hey, if the shoe fits.

rnewhouse says:

Now wait just a dang minute, I thought it was George Bush who started the hurricane, and aimed it at the poor people.

DataBind() says:

Actually, I think he was trying to hit Cindy Sheehan. His aim was off a little.

CJO says:

“God already allows one awards show to promote the homosexual agenda,” Robertson declared. “But clearly He will not tolerate such sinful behavior to spread beyond the Tonys.”

I get the feeling I'm reading The Onion.

DataBind() says:

I get the feeling I'm reading The Onion.

Of course. Did you see DatelineHollywood's article on Sean Penn?

Wirehead says:

Yeah... that pretty much IS The Onion of celebrity news. I mean, look at their "about" page:

About Dateline Hollywood

Dateline Hollywood was founded in 360 BC as "Gladiators Weekly" to cover the booming entertainment industry in the coliseums of ancient Rome. Its pioneering analysis of the statistics of lion mauls and emperor thumbs up/down made it the original publication to take the business of entertainment seriously. Its premiere edition included "The Ten Gladiators to Watch" and an analytic feature, "Deaths by Daggers Down LXVIII Percent."

Over the years, the publication now known as Dateline Hollywood covered a number of different amusing industries as the times changed, transforming from "Inside Slave Trade," to "Bubonic Plague Infestation Monthly" (later quarterly, yearly, and eventually publishing just once per century) to "What's Hot in Renaissance Art," "Miracle Play Today!" and, following a move to the young United States in the early 19th century, "Minstrel Show Monthly," "The Ragtime Gazette," and, following the editors' realization in 1973 that ragtime's time had passed, its current incarnation.

Today, Dateline Hollywood uses the reach, speed, and cheapness of the Internet to bring a worldwide audience the freshest news from the current capital of world culture: Hollywood, USA. Whether you're an industry professional or Hollywood outsider, you'll find everything you need to know about the world of film, TV, music, and more right here from the publication that continues to live up to its founding motto to "cover with unerring integrity that which matters least."

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