This certainly looks like a nice little christmas/birthday present. The supplied software for it is, however, very bad.

This interesting article explains how to make your own software for the gadget.

CypherBit says:

Nice indeed.
Different software for it can be found here: usbwisec

CypherBit says:

I appologise I missed the fact that's already mentioned in the article.

Dylan says:

Wow, and I actually own that device! Got it as a Christmas present, in fact. And it's true, the supplied software is absolutely atrocious.

Unfortunately, the bad design of this device doesn't stop at the software. The devices themselves (receiver and sender) feel cheap. They're very lightweight plastic that creaks and compresses even with a little bit of pressure on them.

The little round sender also constantly gets pressed even when just sitting in my pocket. If I have my keys in my pocket, it presses the button if I shift even a little bit.

I have to say, though, I've been keeping the Coding4Fun site in my Daily Reading for a while now and there's some really cool stuff posted. I missed this one, so thanks! I might just pull out the device just to re-program it now. :)

OneNight says:

Good to hear that you have the device.

Do keep us updated if you actually do try to re-program it! When re-programming you could also try and do a work-around for that hardware issue; if it gets pressed twice within a certain timelimit it negates the function. This could then perhaps alleviate the problem of it constantly being pressed.

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