My girlfriend asked me a question recently: "Is there a way to set my general printing options to default 'black and white' and 'draft', without them changing back." Her default Paper/Quality was set to 'Normal' and 'Color'.

You can change the settings for a session of Word for example, but once you close Word and re-open it, you will see that the settings have been changed again to what they were before (the global printing preferences).

Obviously I went straight to control panel, printer and selected properties of the printer I wanted to change the settings for. On the general tab you can select printing preferences and go to the Paper/Quality tab to select the default quality and color settings which you want to be applied for the user.

Well, that was the problem solved. Still, I can imagine this being a little intimidating for a more casual computer user so I have set out on a little quest to make a prog, probably written in, to set the quality and color settings for the default printer.

So far I have come across some pretty intersting things, for example, run this:
rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /?

Look at all the options available to you in the printer user interface. Nice to play around and experiment with some of those. I tried this:
rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /Xs /n "" ?
I found out some new and intresting ways of setting options.

Also, this site offers some good links and tips for all things related to printing settings: Undocumented Printing

Anyways, I am just tracking down the actual registry settings which I would have to change directly so I can implement them in my program.

If I can get it to work you can expect a post from me on this in the near future.