That title is a bit of a mouthfull. But I think it describes perfectly what mean.

I am no real webdesigner, I have dabbled a little and made a few projects. But the times I have tried to develop a website, I have always got hung up one way or another on the colourschemes. Or lack thereof.

I can spend hours fiddling with colours, which ones to choose, mixing and matching for all I am worth. The hours of experimenting have by then blinded me to blindingly obvious that I truly lack any talent or insight and so I end up with a colour combination which is just plain awful.

So, surfing the net, as you do, I came across A real help for me, and I hope it's of some use to you, the (mostly) anonimous readers. I came across the link from, there's also lots of other goodies there for your consumption.

Wirehead says:

I always liked fuchsia with puce and magenta, myself.

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